About UK Tech

UK TECH LTD provide and distribute computer components and parts throughout the UK. UK TECH LTD stock a variety of hardware to suit your budget. All our components are of the highest quality.

At UK TECH LTD we take pride in being the company that ‘has it all’. And we really do have all. All the hardware components you could think about are at just a click away from your door.

UK TECH LTD features an online ordering website which allowing customers to order their components online. Simply add a component to your basket, and and proceed to payment.

Order online
Technology resulted in thousand of PC components and we often lose track of them: hundreds of models which are hard to find and you simply do not have the time needed to make a thorough search. And this is why people often prefer to buy a new computer instead of simply replacing a malfunctioning part.

But here at UK TECH LTD you can find everything you need. The best part about it is that customers can place online orders – no more mad shopping through the entire city in search of a missing component!

And thanks to the flexible cart, clients can add new products, delete unwanted ones and make as many changes as they want before placing their orders.

How long does it take for the order to reach its addressee?
The delivery process has to go through several steps:

  • The moment we receive an order we analyse it and see what the products our client requires are.
  • We then proceed to package assembly…
  • …and we send the products by mail, in a parcel.

As you can see, we strive to move as fast as we can so that you will not have to wait too long. It may take the post about one or two days to reach an addressee, but usually the packages get to their owners in 24 hours.